Mount point goes invisible

Hal Morris hal at
Tue Aug 29 16:28:17 GMT 2000

My main problem, being unable to effectively mount a W95 directory with
smbmount was strictly a beginner's error.  I failed to set up the
/etc/lmhosts file, and/or did not use a name by which the W95 machine
recognized itself.  It is working now.

I am glad to hear there is a patch for the sort of bizarre and misleading
response I got.


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On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Urban Widmark wrote:

> On Tue, 29 Aug 2000, Hal Morris wrote:
> > but when I try to "smbmount //isdn2/AMDAHL-WORK /mnt/amdahlwork", where
> > /mnt/amdahlwork is an empty directory on Linux, isdn2 is defined in
> > /etc/hosts as 192,168.1.2, the address the W95 box uses, and AMDAHL-WORK
> > is the name under which a certain W95 directory is shared, I get
> Does the win95 box answer to the (netbios?) name isdn2?
> > # smbmount //isdn2/AMDAHL-WORK /mnt/amdahlwork
> > Added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
> > Added interface ip= bcast= \
> >   nmask=
> > Connection to isdn2 failed
> > Could not umount /mnt/amdahlwork: Device or resource busy
> > smbmount: exit
> The "Could not umount" is smbmount tripping itself up. It can't umount on
> some errors because it is itself keeping the mount open. That leaves it
> mounted but not connected to anything which causes Input/output error
> later. I have a patch for this, but this is not your problem.
> The real problem is "Connection to isdn2 failed". Can you connect like
> this if you use smbclient?  ie 'smbclient //isdn2/AMDAHL-WORK'
> > FWIW, /var/log/samba/log.smb contains
> smbmount doesn't log to the samba log.
> /Urban

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