Samba as Wins Server and Domain Controller

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed Aug 30 19:20:54 GMT 2000

Gerry Maddock wrote:
[whcih is better] An NT Domain Controller and Wins Server,
| or Samba ?????
| What I'm actually looking into this is for storing Winblows profiles
| on one server, browsing routed networks, etc...

	I'm a Unix bigot, so I tend to reccomend making the
	Windows clients member of an ordinary Unix-style
	domain using Samba as a combined authentication, print and
	file server, and managing the samba server as just 
	another server in a vax-free vaxcluster of servers (;-))

	Windows domains are cool, but they start you down the 
	path to many individual servers and many many windows admins.
	[We used to have 5 Win and OS/2 SMB servers: I replaced
	them with one Unix box when the PC guy quit due to overwork]

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