[Linux] Samba as Wins Server and Domain Controller

Gerry Maddock gerrym at futuremetals.com
Wed Aug 30 23:16:51 GMT 2000

 I love Samba, OpenSores, Linux and apple pie <<<< TOO FUNNY!!! Thanks for your

Tom Schaefer wrote:

> As much as I love Samba, OpenSores, Linux and apple pie, setting Samba as an
> NT domain controller used to be a bit of a hack that required a lot of shoe
> horning, and a lot of reading, and experimentation.
> Get the books, sign up for the support email list and be prepared for a
> bumpy ride.
> The problem is that certain things *should* work a certain way, but such is
> not always the case and you may do everything by the book and it doesn't
> work as expected.
> If the Samba code has been fixed, then maybe it's been upgraded to set it up
> easier - that's the biggest hassle.
> Other than setup, everything I've read is that it works great. I have been
> using Samba servers as NT replacements since about 1993 and I think that it
> is one of the Linux solutions' greatest strengths. It's just the config that
> sucks.
> Hopefully it's better than it was.
> -t-
> >From: Gerry Maddock <gerrym at futuremetals.com>
> >What do you think works better: An NT Domain Controller and Wins Server, or
> >Samba ?????
> >     What I'm actually looking into this is for storing Winblows profiles
> >on one server, browsing routed networks, etc...
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