Samba 2.07 eats Disk-Space!

Peter Samuelson peter at
Wed Aug 30 08:47:42 GMT 2000

[Lindner Joerg <HJLindner at>]
> we are using SAMBA 2.07 on an SUN Enterprise 10000 Server.
> Today are 1800 Users connected.
> After 2-3 Days the /opt Directory is getting full (2GB).
> After stop samba server, the disk-space is getting free.

Hmmm, sounds like (a) you are creating and deleting lots of files (or a
few large files), and (b) Samba has a fd leak somewhere.  This would
cause Samba to hold open deleted files, which causes them not to
*actually* be deleted until you stop Samba.  It also would have the
effect that the used space would be invisible, i.e. `du' would report
much less space used than `df'.

Does this sound like your problem?


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