"config file =" Problem

Keith Muska kmuska at CLEMENTSMFG.COM
Tue Aug 29 16:00:28 GMT 2000

Low priority problem.
I have a RedHat Linux 6.2 System with 2.2.16-3 Kernel and Samba 2.0.6-9. 
 It was running fine for some time. Then I decided to change the samba 
configuration a little bit.  I moved the smb.conf file from /etc to 
/home/samba/smb.conf.  then I created a new /etc/smb.conf that had one line 
in it "config file = /home/samba/smb.conf"  I did this because I only back 
up the /home file system and I wanted to get a back up of the Samba config 
file.  This setup seemed to work at first but after about a half hour of 
being up samba stops functioning.  I copied the smb.conf back to /etc and 
it works fine.  Any ideas why the "config file = " command could be causing 
this problem??  Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You,

Keith Muska
Clements Manufacturing, L.L.C.
mailto:kmuska at clementsmfg.com

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