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Jan Muenther jan at
Mon Aug 28 13:13:45 GMT 2000

Hello fellow samba users,

I have installed quite a couple of samba fileservers so far.
There are exactly two installations which give me real hard time,
and both have to do with Win9x clients running applications based
on ... *sigh* btrieve.
What I do server-sided is switch on opportunistic locking (level2
oplocks = yes).
Without this, the applications don't run at all, at least not on
more than one client. 

Now, after a while, problems appear. Suddenly I get btrieve
errors and whole files are reported as unreadable. 
I'm not sure about this being the issue, but in both cases the
customers insisted on having _ONE_ user name to use for all users
on the network. Could this be the problem...???
Normally I'd expect oplocking would work finely even if the same
user opens the file twice...

If anybody has had similar problems with winapps based on this
database engine from hell and has solved them, I'd highly
appreciate a few hints. I cannot believe I'm the only one with
these problems. 

If I cannot fix these two installations, I'd have to fall back on
Novell, which would hurt me deeply ;o))

Cheers, Jan
Radio HUNDERT,6 Medien GmbH Berlin
- EDV -
j.muenther at

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