Win 95 clients

CLYDE12316 at CLYDE12316 at
Mon Aug 28 13:17:49 GMT 2000

Hi all,

I am running redhat 6.2 and samba 2.0.6.  with samba installed, i can access 
my shares from any of my nt 4.0 workstations and servers just fine.  But if I 
try to access if from any of my win95 clients through network neighborhood it 
returns a message....."network is busy".  If I ty to manually map the share 
by typing in the path such as " \\bnb2\tmp" .... it responds with "cannot 
find file or item.  make sure the path is correct".  Can someone pls assist 
me with this or tell me where I might get some information to help resolve 
this issue.

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