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Toby Russell trussl at
Thu Aug 24 19:05:22 GMT 2000

Dear all,

I am including a part of the text from smb.log. I have followed the 
instructions in "Using Samba" but to no avail. I have checked through the 
troubleshooting chapter which directed me to the logs initially, but has 
nothing specific to say about bad news contained therein. The output of the 
log makes it clear that the problem is related to the smp_passwd file but I 
am not sure why, nor do I have a clue howto fix it. The line that follows is 
repeated maybe a hundred times verbatim.

[2000/08/24 18:18:42, 0] passdb/smbpass.c:getsmbfilepwent(164)
  getsmbfilepwent: malformed password entry (no :)

I am studying at home, alone, without help (apart from books). I have Red 
Hat 6.1 on a Celeron 500, and Samba 2.0.5a, which I installed today. On 
another computer I have NT4. All TCP/IP stuff is fine, confirmed by 
successful pinging between machines. Running 'smbclient -U% -L localhost' 
confirms the existence of the two computers and their names accurately.

Strangely though, nmb.log reports that the network is, and that 
nmbd always battles it out with the NT4 PDC and seems to win the browser 
elections. Quite amusing really. ifconfig correctly reports all the TCP/IP 
information I have entered.

Can you help, or do you need more information from me. Please help, I am 
having a tough time with Linux and really want to like it. I own a 
NoNameClone type of computer which is basically giving me headache after 
headache. Still, being dumped in the deep end forces one to learn.

Yours in profound hopefullness

Toby Russell
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