shm_open (667) & locking_init(174), not 2.3.xx kernel

Joel Burton joel at
Mon Aug 7 18:26:31 GMT 2000

This weekend, we upgraded our server to Linux-Mandrake 7.1, which uses
a (slightly customized by Mandrake) 2.2.15 kernel. Since then, users are
unable to log in, and log.smb shows

locking/shmem_sysv_shm_open(667). Can't create or use use IPC area. Error
was File exists
locking/locking.c:locking_init(174). ERROR: Failed to initialise share

There have been several messages posted about this, but all have been by
people who have upgraded to kernels, which apparently use a shm

I've tried the advice offered to these people (mount the shm filesystem at
/var/shm), however, this does not work--our kernel does not seem to have
been compiled to recognize/use that filesystem.

Possible thought:
. we are using Linux-Mandrake in the more "secure" mode, which locks down
some directory/processes, etc. (for examples, users can't ps a to see
other processes, file creation modes are strict, etc.) Is it possible that
somehow samba process is unable to change the shared memory b/c of too
strict security measures?

We are using samba-2.0.7

I am *not* subscribed to that list (in the middle of this crisis right
now.) Please cc any help to joel at *Thanks* for any timely help
with this.

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