samba and passwords

William Colls william at
Thu Aug 3 00:37:40 GMT 2000

how do you have smb.conf set up as regards passwords?

Is samba looking in the correct place for the smbpasswd file?

Are you consistent with the way you treat encryption of passwords?

Do you have a unix user id on the Linux machine for the user name on the
Windows machine?

Are the Windows, Unix, and Samba Passwords all the same?

I know that this all basic, and I am sure you have checked it all, but I
have tripped myself up on most of these points at one time or another?

Ted Gervais wrote:

> I got a problem.
> Samba is in place and working on my linux machine but when I try and use
> Windows to map a drive
> it asks for a password and doesn't know the one I enter.
> How can I enter a new one, or find the one I currently have in place?
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> Ted Gervais
> 1-902-679-2253
> Coldbrook, Nova Scotia Canada.

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