linux kernel - VFAT - SMBFS - SMBCLIENT problem

DINH V. Hoa dinh at
Sun Apr 30 13:04:10 GMT 2000

hello all of you !

I write you to make you know some bugs.
Could you write me back to tell me if it will be corrected ?


when you copy a file that contain accents such as : teüst,
with a " on the letter u, the characters that follows the "ü"
miss all.


When you list files that contains accents such as : teüst,
(as above), there is no more accents, a "?" appears instead,
and when you complete the name, the  character is a square.
then, when you copy it to a e2fs or a fat system file, you don't
get the original name


When you connect to a samba server that contains files with accents,
such as teüst (as above), instead of the accent, a little 3 is
but when you download it, you get the original name on your disk.
The problem is just when displaying the file name.

that's all !


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