linux kernel - VFAT - SMBFS - SMBCLIENT problem

Urban Widmark urban at
Sun Apr 30 14:07:30 GMT 2000

On Sun, 30 Apr 2000, DINH V. Hoa wrote:


This is not a samba problem. Unless someone here happens to know the
answer you may want to try:

+ Searching the linux-kernel mailinglist archives for others that may
  have reported the same thing.
  Searchable archive at:
  or choose some other archive from:

+ Read the linux-kernel mailinglist FAQ

+ Post a bug report to the linux-kernel mailinglist
  (see the FAQ or the REPORTING-BUGS text in the kernel sources)

> ------
> When you list files that contains accents such as : teüst,
> (as above), there is no more accents, a "?" appears instead,
> and when you complete the name, the  character is a square.
> then, when you copy it to a e2fs or a fat system file, you don't
> get the original name

This is known. I have a patch for smbfs in kernel 2.2.14 on:
  (there is also a patch that may work for 2.2.x with x < 14)

I have not updated it for the 2.3.x series (since I'm waiting for 2.2
fixes to smbfs to be merged with 2.3) or tested it with 2.2.15-preX.


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