SAMBA as as printserver ..

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Apr 29 09:06:17 GMT 2000

[Jason Diegmueller]
> The highups basically want to be able to do the "driver storage" that
> NT does right now (hangs on to the print drivers for 95/98 and NT).
> Is this doable with SAMBA 2.0.x, or am I going to have to venture in
> to the SAMBA_TNG branch of code?  Do I have any other options?

This is becoming a rather frequently asked question.  By extension, the
NT print driver thing is a rather frequently requested feature.  The
Samba gurus are sensitive to this sort of thing so it has become a
rather high priority.

Currently Samba 2.0.x can store print drivers for Windows95 (and of
course son-of-Windows95).  In the CVS HEAD branch (and recently merged
into SAMBA_TNG) there is code to do the NT equivalent, and word on the
street is that it works.  This code is scheduled to be integrated into
Samba 2.0.8.  To paraphrase Jeremy Allison, it will be the one of the
main reasons *for* 2.0.8.

But with 2.0.7 just released, my feeling is that you probably shouldn't
expect 2.0.8 before at least several weeks from now.  Meanchile, you
might try your luck with HEAD or SAMBA_TNG, or somehow bribe
Jean-Francois into porting his spoolss code to 2.0 for you.


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