SAMBA as as printserver ..

Diegmueller, Jason (I.T. Dept) diegmuej at
Fri Apr 28 17:40:02 GMT 2000

Was looking for some quick advice on SAMBA as a printserver:

I'm in the position of trying to "sell" my company on a Linux-
based printserver to relieve the burden of handling 30+
printer spools off of our NT PDC (25 NT servers, and we're
printserving off of our PDC .. don't ask me, I'm new here. =)

With SAMBA 2.0.6, I have gotten SAMBA properly handling print
requests from NT Workstations, and properly handing them off
to lpd which then hands off to the HP Jetdirect in TCP/IP 
mode (quite simple, actually).

Unfortunately, this doesn't quite achieve all that needs to be 
done.  The highups basically want to be able to do the "driver
storage" that NT does right now (hangs on to the print drivers
for 95/98 and NT).  Is this doable with SAMBA 2.0.x, or am I 
going to have to venture in to the SAMBA_TNG branch of code?
Do I have any other options?


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