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Steve Salazar esalazar at
Wed Apr 26 02:00:49 GMT 2000

Sorry, I guess I should have been more specific, I am printing from linux
to a printer attached to a win98 computer.  When I say text I mean when I
send a text file directly to the printer such as 'lpr -P BJC
<file.txt>'.  When I say 'hang' what I mean is that the printer prints all
the text as it should then fails to eject the last page and then goes off
line. When I push the online button, it ejects the page and then is ready
again.  I am using a Cannon BJC4304.  This printer supposedly can handle
ps but I couldn't get it to not print the actual ps code so I put a filter
on the windoze side that makes another printer on a phony port, that is
where I send all my ps jobs and that works.  So in network neighborhood, I
see two printers from this computer, one for ps and the other for
ASCII even there is only one physical printer.  This is actually nice for
printing ps locally without having to open up ghostview.  The ASCII one is
the one that doesn't eject and goes off line.  I think basically what I
need is just a send EOF somewhere.  I can see how this is done with my
local printers, since they use local filters that can be configured in
printtool, but I don't know where to do this for a samba printer.  There
is no such option in printtool when adding or configuring a samba
printer.  If there is a line I can add to printcap that would be
easiest.  The stuff in the printing-HOWTO talks about options and
which filter to send the jobs to.  I didn't see anything about EOF. Here
is what I have in printcap for this samba printer.


The other printer attached directly to linux also has eof sent but this
option is set in a file in its spool directory, the spool directory for
this printer is empty except for pending jobs.

Mon, 24 Apr 2000, Stephen L Arnold wrote:

> Steve Salazar asked:
> > I was browsing the Samba archives trying to figure out how to 
> > get my win98 printer to stop hanging every time I send it
> > a text print job when I saw your post referring to the same thing.
> >
> > Did you ever figure this out??  I'm also using RH6.2.
> > Any suggestions would be very appreciated.
> What is your setup?  Are you trying to send smb print jobs from Linux to a shared windoze98 printer?  When you say "text print job" do you mean the ascii test page from RedHat's printtool?  When you say "hang", do you mean the job goes to the printer, the printer lights blink, but no page comes out?  What kind of printer is it, and what language does it speak (PCL, PS, etc)?
> The printer settings are documented in the Printing-HOWTO and the printcap man page.  These are the same settings you can select in the RedHat printtool.  The most commonly needed are the formfeed switch and the CR/LF conversion (stair-stepped text in printtool).
> I'm not sure I remember the post you're referring to; are you sure I wasn't replying to someone else's problem?
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