multiple subnet browsing problem

Steffen Moser moser at
Sun Apr 23 13:55:27 GMT 2000


"Kinzer, Don" wrote:

> >From the client on RIGHT, using Network Neighborhood I can see all of the
> machines in MYWORKGROUP on LEFT plus the other workgroups.  I can only
> browse into certain of the clients (no common characteristics yet
> determined) but not others; the message says that the computer is not
> accessible.  None of the other workgroups can be browsed into.

One reason may be that there are some computers that are not registered
in the WINS database, because they may be not configured to use WINS for
NetBIOS name resolution. Is your DHCP working fine (and does it also
assign the IP address of the WINS machine)?

You can look at these computers (using "ipconfig /all" or "winipcfg") on
the RIGHT whether they are really configured for using WINS. 

> >From a client on LEFT in MYWORKGROUP, all of the clients in the same
> workgroup can be seen and browsed into and the other workgroups can be
> browsed into as well.  However, neither the shares on the Samba server on
> RIGHT nor the client machine on RIGHT can be seen in NN but both can be
> located by Find Computer and browsed into by that means.
> Is there something that I am missing or is this a limitation of the browsing
> services of Samba?

Perhaps there are other protocols than TCP/IP running on some machines
on LEFT. So it might be possible that there is a "parallel" browse list
which is built up using NetBEUI or IPX. 

If you don't really need IPX (e.g. for accessing Novell servers) or
NetBEUI I suggest to disable these protocols on your clients. 

Another hint: Sometimes there is a "dummy0"-device set up on linux
machines. This can also be the cause for troubles with browsing on samba
machines. If not needed, disable "dummy0".


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