multiple subnet browsing problem

Kinzer, Don DKinzer at
Sat Apr 22 23:07:25 GMT 2000

I having difficulty getting browsing to fully work across two subnets.  The
subnets (having private addresses - 192.168.x.0) are connected by Linux
boxes (RH6.1, one for each subnet) functioning as firewall, IP masquerade
and router.  On one subnet (call this one LEFT), there is an NT4.0 server as
the PDC (also running WINS and DHCP) along with 50 or so clients and other
servers (NT, Win9x) in several different workgroups.  On the other subnet
(call this one RIGHT), there is a single Win9x client.  The Linux box on
RIGHT is running dhcpd (which provides the IP address of the WINS server on
LEFT for the netbios-name-server) and Samba with the following lines in the

workgroup = MYWORKGROUP
local master = yes
perferred master = yes
wins support = no
os level = 65
wins server = <IP address of the PDC/WINS>

>From the client on RIGHT, using Network Neighborhood I can see all of the
machines in MYWORKGROUP on LEFT plus the other workgroups.  I can only
browse into certain of the clients (no common characteristics yet
determined) but not others; the message says that the computer is not
accessible.  None of the other workgroups can be browsed into.

>From a client on LEFT in MYWORKGROUP, all of the clients in the same
workgroup can be seen and browsed into and the other workgroups can be
browsed into as well.  However, neither the shares on the Samba server on
RIGHT nor the client machine on RIGHT can be seen in NN but both can be
located by Find Computer and browsed into by that means.

Is there something that I am missing or is this a limitation of the browsing
services of Samba?


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