Print Server

Gerry Maddock gerrym at
Thu Apr 20 15:34:45 GMT 2000

Ok, here's my setup: I've had a samba file server going for about a year
now. It's Samba v2.05a on a RH6.0 sys. Currently we have a printer
server running on a Winblows NT box. This NT box has the following
printers: HP5si, (4) HP4000, and a few HP4s. All of those  printers have
Jet Direct ports on them. What I want to do is, move all the printers
over to the Samba box and KILL the NT box.
Reading into the Samba book, it seems that yes, Samba can become a print
server by reusing existing shares off of other Winblows, unix or Novell
shares, or directly connected printers. I don't want to share these
printers off of another computer, I want them all on one sys. Does this
mean I have to install allot of parallel ports? Cant I just use the Jet
Direct ports? I just purchased an HP8000N to add to the printer
collection. I will use this printer for initial testing. OK, here is my
final question: what is the best way to go about setting all of this

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