printing through novell

naughton at naughton at
Thu Apr 20 15:21:49 GMT 2000

We have a Novell network, and the novell client is a potential source of
some of the problems we're having on NT4.0 stations.  I am putting together
a Samba server as a test to see if the problems go away without the netware
client.  The file sharing problem is straightforward:

# ncpmount -S ACCT_FS01 /mnt/Accounts -U guest -n

I can then (in theory) use that as a samba share.

Printing seems a little more difficult.  You can print from linux to novell
with this:

nprint -S ACCT_FS01 -q LASER -U guest -n filename.txt

but how would you set that up in your /etc/printcap so that Samba would
recognize it.?

The server is an x86 with RH6.1


Dan Naughton

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