smbpasswd problems

Paul Hewitt paul at
Sat Apr 15 14:15:34 GMT 2000

I don't have a solution, but then apparently
neither does anyone else here!  I wrote in
describing this same problem (on a Solaris box) a
while back, and several others since then have
noted the same thing, but so far the only real
response has been from Jeremy, who claims it works
fine where he is.  If you or anyone else figure
this one out, it would certainly help a lot of

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     I am running Samba 2.04b on an HPUX D370
     Server and connecting with NT
     workstations (sp5).

     I have used mksmbpasswd to transfer the
     user accounts and set them
     temporarily to null passwords=yes and
     used '...NO
     PASSWORDXXXXXXXX.....'. Now when I go to
     set the user's password with
     smbpasswd (through rlogin xterm window)
     I get the following:

     machine rejected the session
     setup. Error was : code 131.
     Failed to change password for *user*

     (hosts allow =,,localhost)

     Of course when I remove 'localhost' I
     get the following:

     machine rejected the tconX on
     the IPC$ share. Error was :
     ERRSRV - ERRbadpw (Bad password -
     name/password pair in a Tree Connect
     or Session Setup are invalid.).
     Failed to change password for *user*

     Can someone please tell me if I have
     missed a step somewhere...

     I can change the passwords as root and
     all the Shares work properly.

             workgroup = ******
             encrypt passwords = Yes
             null passwords = Yes
             os level = 34
             preferred master = Yes

     Ian Cameron
     Engineering Systems Administrator
     Knoll, Inc

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