Difference between Linux and DOS/Win text files

Todd A. Lyons todd at mrball.net
Sat Apr 15 16:53:13 GMT 2000

If you've already found this answer, then ignore this email.

I found this out when dealing with cvs setup.  DOS and Windows created
text files indicate the end of a line with a CR/LF combo.  Linux
indicates it with simply a LF.  I dunno if there are simple translators
out there, I'm sure that a simple perl script or batch file could fix
it, depending on which platform you're on.

cvs does this for you transparently.  You might be able to setup a cvs
style repository so that this translation gets done automatically. 
However, if you're not working with source code, cvs will be like
crushing an ant with a sledge hammer.

Lemme know what you end up doing as I may soon be seeing some of this
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