AW: Samba and newline characters.

Peter Samuelson peter at
Thu Apr 13 20:40:31 GMT 2000

[Rudolf Kollien]
> How should samba decide which files are pure text and have to be
> converted or other documents (like postscript or something else which
> content looks like text)?

PostScript is a bad example, because it *is* text-based....  But your
point is valid.

The only suggestion on this that I've ever heard that I think would
make any sense at all would be a per-share option to turn this behavior
on and off.  That way, if you know you are sharing a particular
directory that has only text files in it, you could turn the option on.
Otherwise you would leave it off.

NO, I am NOT volunteering.  I don't know much about the internal
architecture of Samba, but from what I do know, I think it would be
really hard to do newline translations and get it right.  It's been
done for printing, but printing is so much easier than file-serving --
it's write-only (or read-only, depending on your perspective) and you
don't need to worry about random access.


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