Samba Speed Issues and Information

Jeremiah Gowdy jgowdy at
Wed Apr 12 01:03:18 GMT 2000

>  My
> | company uses a DOS based Database program (custom), which simply uses
> | sharing.  Several things take quite a bit of time, like running reports,
> | posting, etc, even though (a) the processor load on the PII 350s isn't
> | anywhere near 20%, and (b) the network is 100BaseTx running on a very
> | 3Com Switch.
> Classic "something else is slowing you down" symptoms.
> I've directed this to the samba at list, where
> more BSD folks live.
> There is a chaper on "ordinary" tuning at
> but you probably have one overriding bottleneck that one
> of the other folks will know how to open.

Great, I'll check out that link, and thanks so much for forwarding my
message and taking the time to help me out.  :)

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