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David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada davecb at
Wed Apr 12 00:47:16 GMT 2000

"Jeremiah Gowdy" <jgowdy at> wrote:
| I've recently switched my company from a Windows NT fileserver to
| FreeBSD/Samba.  It's working really great and I absolutely love Samba.  The
| only reason I'm asking about speed issues and tweaking, is I heard someone
| say something about it that implied that there are tricks/tweaks you can do
| to increase the speed of Samba's interactions with Win98 computers. 

	The team's been making more and more of the former
	tweaks into defaults, once they found out the Universal Goods.
	However, recently I have heard BSD folks suffering from
	performanc issuees... although i admit I thought they
	had been fixed in current releases.
| company uses a DOS based Database program (custom), which simply uses file
| sharing.  Several things take quite a bit of time, like running reports,
| posting, etc, even though (a) the processor load on the PII 350s isn't
| anywhere near 20%, and (b) the network is 100BaseTx running on a very nice
| 3Com Switch.  

	Classic "something else is slowing you down" symptoms.
	I've directed this to the samba at list, where
	more BSD folks live.

	There is a chaper on "ordinary" tuning at
	but you probably have one overriding bottleneck that one
	of the other folks will know how to open.
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