Samba across WAN link

LOVETT, David David.LOVETT at
Tue Apr 11 16:07:38 GMT 2000

Hello All,

We have 2 Samba servers in our domain at our site. Server A) is a Primary
Domain Controller that everyone logs into and Server B) just has drives
shared on it. We have another site with a Server C) running MARS NWE we are
connected to via a 256k WAN link. If we were to run Samba on this Server C)
and set it up like Server B) i.e. Have all 3 servers in the same domain all
with one Primary Domain controller would it work and, more to the point what
would the network traffic be like. I would be grateful to hear from anyone
who has experience of doing this or, knows a better way of doing it.

Regards - TIA

Dave Lovett 


David Lovett
Systems Department
CarnaudMetalbox Engineering

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