Samba across WAN link

Dan Browning danb at
Tue Apr 11 21:28:43 GMT 2000

I don't have experience with Samba+WAN, but I do have experience with NT
over a WAN.  In my opinion, the intradomain traffic over the wan is a waste.
I think having a seperate domain for each remote location saves more
bandwidth.  However, at 256k the intra-domain traffic effect is minimal
compaired to the inter-domain (domain trust) traffic that you would
experience setting up seperate domains.  Sorry I don't have test data for
you, and I haven't done samba over a WAN, but it seems like if you setup
your TCP/IP correctly (router/firewall config, etc.), it should work like
you want it without extra samba setup.

Let me know how it goes, I'm interested because we may switch one of our
clients (a 5 point frame relay WAN) from NT servers to samba.  So soon I'll
be much in the same situation as you.

> We have 2 Samba servers in our domain at our site. Server A) is a Primary
> Domain Controller that everyone logs into and Server B) just has drives
> shared on it. We have another site with a Server C) running MARS
> NWE we are
> connected to via a 256k WAN link. If we were to run Samba on this
> Server C)
> and set it up like Server B) i.e. Have all 3 servers in the same
> domain all
> with one Primary Domain controller would it work and, more to the
> point what
> would the network traffic be like. I would be grateful to hear from anyone
> who has experience of doing this or, knows a better way of doing it.
> Regards - TIA
> Dave Lovett

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