How customize samba for large directory

David Collier-Brown - Sun Canada davecb at
Thu Apr 6 11:56:59 GMT 2000

Noyer Gilles wrote:
| I made some work using samba 2.0.6.
| I use large directory, more than 10000 file.
|  The time to have a list from window NT is very big 2Minuts.

	This, alas, is common/normal...
| I spy a little the dialog and I see that the negociation for exange files
| name is limited to 170 filenames and a buffer to 16387 octets.

	Changing this is unlikely to help much, as the slowness
	is at the filesystem layer, with Unix using a sequential table
	and NT using a b-tree.
	Compare the time to ls the directory to the time to list it
	with smbclient, and you'll see they're within an order of
	magnitude (I did this last month with a 10,000 file dir)
	If the files are from a program which generates names like
	change it to generate
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