weep, wail -- Unix client, NT server

Edwards Philip M Contr AFRL/SNRR Philip.Edwards at wpafb.af.mil
Wed Apr 5 17:37:24 GMT 2000

I tried searching the list archives, but "NT server" gives me 14530 matches, go figure.  :-)  And I've read through all the docs that ship with Samba, and the FAQ, and the webpages.  No joy.

We're using Samba 2.0.5a under Solaris 7.  Everything works *wonderfully* when mounting a Unix-side filesystem as an NT/98 share.  The username maps save our butts, the security is excellent, and the stability is, well, Unix-like, which is to say it runs perfectly 24/7 until I tell it to stop.

The one thing I can't get to work is using smbclient to examine an NT share -- kind of the reverse of what everybody normally does (hence the absence of docs).  I can connect to the share, but a "dir" inside smbclient shows nothing.  Even connecting as Administrator as a last-ditch desperate experiment won't show the contents of the NT share.

Help?  I don't even know what to try next...


philip.edwards at wpafb.af.mil

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