Samba on Linux with no ACL's is making things tough

Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Wed Apr 5 17:46:48 GMT 2000

Paul Rogers wrote:
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> > From: Jeremy Allison [mailto:jeremy at]
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> > A mapping *may* be done for one of
> > the experimental Linux ACL implementations (the one
> > at is probably the one we'll
> > use) but this code is not currently in any stable or
> > developement kernel so it will definately be a configure
> > option on Linux.
> So, are you saying that with Linux, you might and might not implement ACLs
> for Linux? If you don't, I think there will be a number of people dropping
> Samba servers on Linux boxes in favour of NT - a great shame. I for one have
> been hoping this would be implemented for a long time.

Well we can only implement ACLs for Samba on systems that
have them in the underlying filesystem.

If Linux *doesn't*, then it isn't the fault of Samba !

You could of course still use Samba on UNIXs that *do*
have ACLs, such as IRIX, Solaris, HPUX, AIX etc.

Or you could integrate the ACL patch that has not yet
been integrated into the mainline kernel - found as
mentioned above at :

We cannot single-handedly fix the ACL problem in the
Linux kernel, it takes enough time maintaining an SMB
server as it is :-). I'm CC:ing Ted Tso on this reply,
in the hope he can give us an "official" response as to
the status of ACL support in the Linux kernel.


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