problem compiling 2.0.6 --with-smbmount

Donald E. Hammond dhammond at
Mon Apr 3 22:35:36 GMT 2000

I have built, installed, and run 2.0.6 successfully without smbmount,
but want to do it with this time.  I know that it's not part of samba,
but am hoping someone can tell me if I'm making a simple mistake.  It's
possible that it's not even samba related.  I'm a novice at this and
have not gotten very good at figuring out what's wrong when something
doesn't build cleanly.

The system is basically SuSE Linux 5.3 (kernel 2.0.36).  I built my own
rpm using the same method SuSE used for the one that came with the
distribution.  It applies a patch which creates a makefile, smb.conf,
init.d script, etc, then builds and installs the package.  I tried the
same thing, simply adding --with-smbmount to the configure part and it
bombs.  This is what I'm doing, from the samba-2.0.6 directory where
the  sources unpack:

export EXTRA_LIBS="-lcrypt"
make -f MakeFile.SuSELinux compile

where the relevant part of Makefile.SuSELinux reads:


	( cd source; \
		./.configure --prefix=/usr/local --libdir=/etc \
		--with-privatedir=/etc --localstatedir=/var/log \
		--with-swatdir=/usr/local/lib/samba/swat \
		--with-smbmount )
	make LOCKDIR=/var/lock/samba SBINDIR=/usr/sbin \
		CODEPAGEDIR=/usr/local/lib/samba/codepages -C source

It runs through the configure fine, and compiles everything up to
smbmount.c where the errors begin.  They are about 180 lines of warnings
about redefinitions from header files, then about 40 lines of
conflicting types errors.  The final errors before it bombs are
client/smbmount.c: In function `send_fs_socket':
client/smbmount.c:296: storage size of `conn_options' isn't known
client/smbmount.c:308: `SMB_CASE_DEFAULT' undeclared
client/smbmount.c:319: `SMB_IOC_NEWCONN' undeclared

There is a 2.2.2 kernel on this machine also, and I checked and the link
from /usr/include/linux does point to the directory with the correct
header files for the running kernel.  Sorry if I'm blundering on
something painfully obvious, or if this isn't samba enough for the list,
but I'd appreaciate any clues.


 - Don

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