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Thu Sep 30 16:13:26 GMT 1999

On 30 Sep 99, Jussi Hamalainen <count at> had questions 
about guest access and printer serving:  

> On Wed, 29 Sep 1999, Walter Dorciak wrote:
> > Telnet into the printer, hit enter couple times, type 
> > forward slash and hit enter.
> ooze:~$ telnet rintteri
> Trying
> Connected to
> Escape character is '^]'.
> Welcome to Linux 2.2.11-ac3.

> Maybe you should READ more thoroughly next time. ;)

I don't think the 5L has a jetdirect port; is it one of those small 
"personal laserjet" type printers?  Also, it depends on whether the 
extra page comes at the beginning of a job (banner page) or at the 
end of a job (extra formfeed).  The banner page and formfeed 
options are lpr settings (you can see them in /etc/printcap, as 
well as the RedHat Printtool), and the jetdirect HPs also have 
internal banner page settings.  I don't think samba has any control 
over those options; it just uses the local print services (eg, lpr) 
depending on your smb.conf "printer" setting.

When you print from the linux/samba host itself, do you get the 
extra page?

Jussi Hamalainen also asked:

> How can I make Samba NOT ask for a password whatsoever when a
> Win95 client connects to the print service? 

The short answer is "it depends" ;)  It depends on how your users 
are logging into their win95 boxes, the NetBIOS names of those 
machines, samba settings, etc.

The most straight-forward fix is to use the username map file 
option in smb.conf and map each linux/samba username to the NetBIOS 
name(s) of the machine(s) they will log in from.  If they login 
with their linux username/password, and those names are mapped 
correctly, then any access to samba shares (including printing) is 
transparent after that.


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