Slowww access from Win9x to Samba Shares

Stephen L Arnold arnold.steve at
Thu Sep 30 16:13:26 GMT 1999

On 30 Sep 99, "Jones, Rich" <Rich.Jones at> had questions 
about Slowww access from Win9x to Samba Shares:  

> I check the system logs and found two messages occuring
> everytime I clicked on the share. 
>  >>  PAMDB - Structure no longer valid.
>  >>  1 Authentication failure (uid=0)  budman -> Samba device
> (Something like that)
> Can this be a bug in 2.0.5a?  This option works fine in 2.0.3.

This a PAM message (and is harmless, I think :).  I've seen the 
"auth failure" message, but not the first part.  Samba and PAM are 
supposed to be able to coexist, but I'm no PAM guru.  You might 
want to check and/or fiddle with your /etc/pam.d/samba settings.


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