Data loss

Leader mc_alex at
Wed Sep 29 23:52:30 GMT 1999

Hi there.

One big problem. 

Samba seems not to take care if any client has opened a public file and
client reads and writes in the meantine to the same file.

1 samba server (linux 2.2.12,wins) connected to 1 win 95 and 1
win98.(tcp/ip only)

i configured samba this way :


kernel oplocks			: no	
locking				: yes
ole locking compatibility	: yes
oplocks				: no
strict locking			: yes
share modes			: yes


blocking locks			: yes
fake oplocks			: no
locking				: yes
oplocks				: yes
strict locking			: yes
share modes			: yes

This is the actual configuration. I also tried different ones but none

Is there perhaps something to configure with the Win95 clients ?
Got no idea and data corruption is no fun. :(

Thanks in advance, Alex

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