Automatically locating domain controller

Towers, Tim (London) ttowers at MLE.CO.UK
Wed Sep 29 15:32:40 GMT 1999

I apologise for not knowing the answer to this, especially
as I saw it was discussed on the mailing lists but can't find
the original article (even searching the archives).

Our support teams would like a single smb.conf that can be
used as a default world-wide. (allowing for a minimal
modification of the "workgroup=" field)

This means that you're stuck for what to put in your
"password server=" field.

If there was a %D substitution for workgroup/domain
then "password server = $d.ntpdc.whatever" could be
used to automatically configure it using DNS, but better,
the original samba mailing list article indicated that
there was an automatic configuration method in the

Information on this would be appreciated.

Tim Towers
Technical Architect, UNIX.
Merrill Lynch Architecture & Strategy
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