Defining Logical for WINNT Share.

Venkatesh, Muthukrishnan M2 (CONTRACTOR) VENKATM2 at
Wed Sep 29 03:56:22 GMT 1999


> This is regarding Samba for OpenVMS. I am very new to Samba and  I have
> followed the instructions for installing Samba for Alpha OpenVMS 7.1
> Version 1.9.17p4.  My Alpha Server is having  OpenVMS 7.1 running UCX4.2
> and DECnet.  
I have successfully installed the Samba on my alpha. I can able to access
both a way, from my clients
to samba server and Samba server to NT shares. 

Now, I have some doubts about samba. In WinNT and WIN95 systems have a
facility for accessing the
samba share by means of  " c:\ net use x: \\samba\samba ". so I can able to
access my samba 
server is like local drive. In otherhand, executed the following command
from my samba server 
to  access my WinNT shares, yes, 

$ mc []smbclient \\sesrcs2\c$ "-U" username "-W" seu


So, I can access my WINNT share also. I would like to know, is it possible
to define the logical for
WinNT share on my VMS samba server. 

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance for help.


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