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Matthew Vanecek mev0003 at
Tue Sep 28 13:32:52 GMT 1999

Martin Deinhofer wrote:
> Hi!
> I have a problem with smbclient and the option -M.
> I'd like to send Winpop Messages to my Windows Clients.
> I have noticed that command only works with short hostnames.
> I have for example a host. Name resolution is done
> by
> bind 8 on the samba box.
> if I do
> echo "Test PopupMessage" |smbclient -M win95test1
> it works. (The winpopup.exe program is of course started on the Win95
> box)
> If I try now to do
> echo "Test PopupMessage with full Hostname" |smbclient -M

There are a couple of things that could be wrong.  Number 1 is not
looking at the man page for smbclient.  There are options in there for
passing the IP address, etc, for the NetBios name you are connecting to.
Number 2, your lmhosts on the samba side is not set up properly.  Try
setting it up, and if that doesn't work, try the options you find in the
man page (I think -B <ip> is the operative one here).  /etc/lmhosts has
the following format:

FQDN			NetBios name	your

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