SMBMount losing connections to NT server

Sun Sep 26 12:09:37 GMT 1999

Hi all,
Just a thought - I'm running Samba on HP-UX 10.20,11.0, and MPE/iX, so no 
SMBMount for 
me.  But Steve's idea that an update to files on the smbserver during a period 
of inactivity on the smbclient being involved led me to question if this could 
be an issue with the 'change notify' NT Transact mechanism;  Some clients, when 
doing a treeconnect to an smbshare, will then send an NT Transact smb with a 
function code (I think '4', don't remember at the moment) called 'change 
notify'.  The smb server, if it supports it, then will keep this machine in a 
list to 'notify' via an 'notify change' nt transact smb when anything changes 
on the tree (delete, rename, etc).  Possibly if NT needs to 'notify' the client 
after some period of inactivity has caused the smbmount client to drop the 
connection, since the request is being generated by the SERVER, this is causing 
a problem????
Just a thought - if someone with linux and smbmount wants to test this out, it 
should be pretty simple to determine...

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