Samba can't keep NT shares mounted

tridge at tridge at
Sun Sep 26 01:58:09 GMT 1999

> The trace show the same thing as Andrew Pimlott reported to "Tridge" & the
> list. This will be fixed in 2.0.6 as I understand it.

yep, it is fixed in 2.0.6

Other smbfs changes include:

- the mask and uid options are back

- the syntax of smbmount has changed again, hopefully for the last
  time. This time the syntax is done so that you can use the ordinary
  mount command like this:

mount -t smb -o username=tridge,password=foorbar //fjall/test /data/test

a symlink is made from /sbin/mount.smb to smbmount.

I've also fixed another couple of bugs and updated the docs.

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