Troubles with File-/Record locking from Windows clients...

Paul Sherwin psherwin at
Sat Sep 25 14:12:05 GMT 1999

>Date:   Fri, 24 Sep 1999 15:46:03 +0200
>From:   Rainer Hantsch <office at>
>While my application worked fine in DOS with NEXOS (it is 100% MS Network
>compatible), I get biggest troubles with Win95 and Samba(1.9.18p8), because
>the data files stay permanently locked by that application which opens them
>first. All other clients have no access.

Check the version of VREDIR.VXD you have. The Windows network redirecter
has had zillions of bugs through many versions. I wasted hours trying to
get locking to work with 4.00.955. 4.00.1111 seems to be OK but I believe
the most recent version is 4.00.1116. You can download an update from

This may not be your problem but you should check it out before doing
anything else.

Best regards, Paul

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