File time stamp is different between client and server

Hoang Manh Hung hunghm at
Sat Sep 25 16:04:39 GMT 1999

Dear Sirs,
This is to inform you, with thanks, that I faced with a problem when
running Samba(version 2.05a), which is compiled by GCC 2.8.1 on Solaris
7 Server(x86). Details are as follows:
 When I copy one file from DOS, Windows onto a drive mapped by Samba,
the filename is turned out to be CAPITAL letters, and the file time on
UNIX (Solaris 7)(by ls -l command) is different from (i.e.,15 hours
later than) that on DOS, Windows, and vice versa. (Note that TIMEZONE
that we set on the Server is TZ=GMT+7).
 Please reply to my query at your earliest convenience as it is really

 All the best.

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