Samba can't keep NT shares mounted

Matthew Vanecek mev0003 at
Sat Sep 25 08:27:41 GMT 1999

Steve Rhodes wrote:
> I will be continuing to pursue this issue and narrow down the
> variablesassociated with the failure.  Thanks to everyone that has sent in
> messages on this problem, and kudos to you if you have managed to read
> through this lengthy post.

Maybe the attached file will help.  It's a bz2 of the strace typescript
and tail /var/log/messages which I ran.  I came home after a long day,
remembered I had the strace going.  I switched over in to that window,
and in a term, did "ls ./winnt", promptly causing the strace to exit and
generating the Input/output error.  The strace was a little long, so I
zipped it up...

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