Troubles with File-/Record locking from Windows clients...

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Fri Sep 24 13:46:03 GMT 1999

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I am currently moving my self written applications (TurboPascal +
TurboPower's BTree filer) from DOS + NEXOS/386 (as server OS) to Windows-95
clients with Linux+Samba as server.

While my application worked fine in DOS with NEXOS (it is 100% MS Network
compatible), I get biggest troubles with Win95 and Samba(1.9.18p8), because
the data files stay permanently locked by that application which opens them
first. All other clients have no access.

I am sure that SAMBA does allow a configuration which allows the
possibilities as NEXOS (File- and Record locking), but I do not know, HOW.

Please, be so kind and leave me some suggestions.

Thanks in advance,

Rainer Hantsch

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