No matter how I tried,I can't see Linux box!

big_tiger at big_tiger at
Fri Sep 24 09:40:49 GMT 1999

Untill now,I can't see linux box in our NT network.
First I have several questions:
1.If I set "netbios name = XXX" should the linux box appear in the network as

XXX?Or if not,should it appear as my linux's hostname,or anything else?

2.I have also used ip_address based serach in windoz neighbourhood but the same

result.(I'm sure the network connection is OK.I can use smbmount and smbclient)

Does that means anything?(I'm sure NetBeui and tcp/ip is installed in Windoz)

3.I think the key is in [global] section,since all other sections are about 

directories!Is that right?

4.In our NT network,a user can't access the network until he logon.But he 

doesn't need to logon to be SEEN by other logon user.In this case,should I

set some password related items in smb.conf?If so,which item should I set?

"password server" or anything else?

5.I'm sure the smbd and nmbd are running.They start as daemon at boot.

First is smbd,and nmbd follows.Is that order right,or it doesn't matter at all?

Finally,in Linux I can't successfully ping the machine by name in our LAN.

.I can do that with ip address in Linux.And windoz is all OK.Those machines

doesn't have a name like this:machine.domain .as you know,in windoz,a single

machine name is enouth to be realized by others.I can successfully ping the

machine with that style name after I set the same dns server as windoz in linux

,but the same to those machine with a single name.Is this normal?If not, how to

solve it?

Thank you!

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