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Chris Ehly cehly at
Thu Sep 23 23:57:53 GMT 1999

Hi everyone!

First off, thank you all.  By trolling thru all of your messages I've managed to get Samba up and running (albeit in "share" mode).  I have a few "folders" (shares) mapped to everyone's computer along with a "personal" folder (home dir) that is only accessible by them.  The other folders are "wide" open for everyone.  I need to find a "blend" of these 2 types of shares.

I want to have a PROJECTS folder that everyone can see (the P: drive) but they should only be able to enter the folders that pertain to there jobs.  I have tried 2 different options so far :

1- Make a new user for each project in Linux.  Then I would chown that particular folder for the newly created user. I then made a file and associated "real" users with this "psuedo" user.  I also tried to use the ALIASES file in roughly the same way.  (couldn't get either to work)

2- Make a new group in Linux, and add the correct users to this group. Then I chgrp-"ed" the folder... again. NO SUCCESS....

I feel like I'm close, but no cigars yet.  

Any hints to how to have control of subfolders on a public share would be most appreciated...

Chris Ehly	
Network Administrator/CAD
Alpha Mechanical

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