Printing delay.

Walter Dorciak walter at
Thu Sep 23 17:17:46 GMT 1999

We are using Samba 2.0.3 with Redhat 6.0 as print server for Win95/NT
workstations. Everything is fine, however there is one small issue.

Clients experience small delay (proportional to print job size) when
printing. I assume it is because file is spooled to Samba (/var/spool/samba)
first, and from there to lpd (/var/spool/lpd/printer_name) second, so it is
essentialy copied twice (once via network, once via disk).

Is there any way to eliminate/reduce the delay? Maybe add -s option to Samba
print command to create symbolic link to the file?


Walter Dorciak

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