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Thu Sep 23 14:40:51 GMT 1999

Zhou Senqiang wrote:

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>>Subject: Re: cannot access the homes directory
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>>If it's later Win95 dribbleware you need to encrypt passwords:

>>encrypt passwords = Yes
>  I add this clause into the "homes" section. But still cannot work.

>>There's also a Win registry tweak to turn off encryption on the client
>>side, but that's more difficult and risky.

>>Steve Litt

>At 11:01 PM 09/22/1999 +1000, Zhou Senqiang wrote:
>>I installed samba 2.0.3 on linux 2.2.5.  I set up a "homes" section in 
>>smb.conf.  I can see the homes directory through win95 client.  when I 
>>to enter, there is a pop menu asking  to input the passwd.  But it 
>>require input user name. I input several users' passwd and failed. Then I 
>>user list in smb.conf, like "username=XXX,YYY". Still cannot enter. How 
>>solve it? Thanks a lot. Following is a paragraph in my smb.conf:
>>  [global]
>>    workgroup = lab
>>    guest account = nobody
>>    keep alive = 30
>>    os level = 2
>>    security = user
>>    [homes]
>>    comment = Home directory
>>    browseable = yes
>>    read only = yes
>>    create mode = 0700
>>  username = XXX,YYY


IMHO it seems that there are more problems there.

At first Win9x makes the login to any SMB network with the user name that 
is used in the login screen when Windows is started. If you for instance 
login on your PC as "pcuser" Windows tries to log you in on the Samba 
server as user "pcuser". If "pcuser" does not exist or has a different 
password you where asked for a password. The user name is checked against 
the UNIX passwd if "encrypted passwords = no" or against smbpasswd if 
encryption is enabled.

This is one part of the problem.

The second could be password encryption. It is not enough only to insert 
the line "encrypted passwords = yes" if you do not follow all actions that 
are described in ENCRYPTION.TXT (in the docs section of the source 
distribution) to setup correctly the usage of encrypted passwords on the 
Samba server.

If you do not want to use encrypted password you have to manipulate your 
Windows registry. This is not so difficult or risky as Steve wrote. 
Enclosed in the source distribution you will find registry files for the 
various kinds of Windows. Copy the right one to your PC double click on it 
and restart your PC that's all. It just adds the right key to your 
registry.  But do not forget to set "encrypted passwords = no" in your 


Axel Neumann

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