Printing problems

Claudia Gnecchi GnecchiC at
Thu Sep 23 06:33:41 GMT 1999

Hello !! 
I have samba 2.0.4b on server IBM - AIX 4.2 and the clients are about 40 win
95/98 and i have the following problem: i don't know why, but at a certain
point can print only the user 'root', all other users send the print and the
temporany file is blocked in the printer path of the smb.conf. The log file
[1999/09/15 08:04:36, 0] lib/smbrun.c:(127)
smbrun: fork failed with error Resource temporarily unavailable . 
I stop the samba process, i restart samba and all the users can print. 
Can you help me !! 
Thank you 

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