smbmount and smb_dont_catch_keepalive

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Wed Sep 22 15:58:02 GMT 1999


I am experiencing strange smbmount problems with my 3 computers.

I have:

janeway, an NT 4.0 SP5 box,
torres, a Linux box running kernel 2.0.36 and samba 2.0.5a,
q, a Linux box running kernel 2.0.36.

Both Linux machines have smbfs compiled as a module and loaded.

I can smbmount janeway shares on both torres and q, and I can see
torres shares on janeway. Naturally, q can't be seen by janeway and
torres since q is not running any samba daemons.

using smbclient -L torres -U mh on q prompts me for my password and
returns an accurate list of torres' shares. Using smbclient
//torres/mh -U mh on q prompts me for my password and grants me access
to my home directory on torres.

Thus, I feel that samba is installed correctly on torres.

But when I try to use smbmount //torres/mh /mnt/tempdisk -U mh, it
prompts me for my password and then gives the error message 

smb_dont_catch_keepalive:; server->data_ready==NULL
mount error: Invalid argument
Please look at smbmount's manual page for possible reasons

I have read the man page numerous times and can't seem to figure out
what I am doing wrong. Since smbclient works fine, this might be a
problem with smbfs. However, smbmounting the shares from janeway, the
NT box, works fine.

I searched Altavista and Deja and found that the problem surfaces
quite frequently but nobody does seem to have an answer.

Any ideas how to solve that?


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