samba printing on NetBSD 1.4.1

Scott Presnell srp at
Wed Sep 22 14:21:30 GMT 1999

Hi Folks,
	I recently set up a samba server 2.0.5a on a NetBSD 1.4.1 box.
I have (I think) a very simple setup: one share and one printer.  The share
configured below (tmp) works fine.

I can see the printer in the win95 Network Neighborhood, but when I try to
print a test page, I get "windows cannot find the printer" on the Win95 side,
and nothing on the samba side.  With the smb.conf file below, I can see the
results of the lpq command being run (e.g. /var/tmp/print.imhere
is created), but when I try to print I don't see print.sav created.

When I have a more normal configuration, I can see lpq executed (with the
correct printer name etc) in the smbd log file, but I see no evidence of an
attempt to execute lpr.

As you can see I tried adding the printer driver stuff, but that didn't
have an impact.  I've exausted the ideas I've come up with for debugging
this: can anyone suggest what next to explore?  Any configuration details
I've overlooked?

	Thanks for any help.

	- Scott

=== smb.conf ===
# Global parameters
        workgroup = HOME
        hosts allow = 192.168.37. 127.
        security = share
        interfaces =
#       printer driver file = /usr/local/samba/printer/printers.def
        lm announce = yes

#       path = /usr/local/samba/printer
#       writable = no
#       public = yes
#       browsable = yes

        public = Yes
        printable = yes
        path = /var/tmp
        guest ok = Yes
        print ok = Yes
        writable = No
        browsable = Yes
        printer command = cp %s /var/tmp/print.sav
        lpq command = touch /var/tmp/print.imhere
#       printer driver =Canon Bubble-Jet BJ-200e
#       printer driver location = \\%h\PRINTER$

        path = /var/tmp
        guest ok = yes
        public = yes
        writable = yes

=== /etc/printcap ===
# Home Printers
bj200|BubbleJet 200:\
        :cm=BubbleJet 200:\

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