cannot access the homes directory

Steve Litt slitt at
Wed Sep 22 14:06:35 GMT 1999

If it's later Win95 dribbleware you need to encrypt passwords:

encrypt passwords = Yes

There's also a Win registry tweak to turn off encryption on the client
side, but that's more difficult and risky.

Steve Litt

At 11:01 PM 09/22/1999 +1000, Zhou Senqiang wrote:
>I installed samba 2.0.3 on linux 2.2.5.  I set up a "homes" section in the
>smb.conf.  I can see the homes directory through win95 client.  when I want
>to enter, there is a pop menu asking  to input the passwd.  But it doesn't
>require input user name. I input several users' passwd and failed. Then I add
>user list in smb.conf, like "username=XXX,YYY". Still cannot enter. How to
>solve it? Thanks a lot. Following is a paragraph in my smb.conf:
>  [global]
>   workgroup = lab
>   guest account = nobody
>   keep alive = 30
>   os level = 2
>   security = user  
>   [homes]
>   comment = Home directory
>   browseable = yes
>   read only = yes
>   create mode = 0700
>  username = XXX,YYY  

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